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Amanda Cappelli is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA.  She works with both oils and acrylics and creates large scale pieces with saturated color to express intense emotions and personal struggle.  She enjoys working with children and has taught art at the Woodlynde School Summer Camp in Strafford, PA.  Amanda has recently graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. and is currently working in her studio to continue her work related to the Expression of Struggle and Frustration.

  Expression of Struggle and Frustration

My work focuses on the expression of struggle and frustration.  My paintings are acrylic, oil on canvas or panels and are a combination of representation and abstraction.   I use large scale canvases to make a more powerful statement.  In my work, color expresses the emotions of defeat and elation that come with striving to communicate.  These emotional poles may occur separately or together.  I use my work to bring attention to these intense feelings that go along with the ups and downs that many of us feel in our lives for a variety of different reasons.



2018                University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, BFA, Painting and Drawing
2013                University of the Arts, Pre-College Summer Program
2012                PAFA, Philadelphia, PA Weekend Program
2006-2011    Moore College of Arts, Philadelphia, PA Weekend Program


2016    U-Arts Spring CAMD Exhibition
2017    U-Arts Spring CAMD Exhibition
2018   U-Arts Spring CAMD Exhibition

2018   Delta  Alpha  Pi  Exhibition

2018   U-Arts/Kimmel Center Portrait Exhibition

2018   U-Arts Senior Thesis Show 

2018   U-Arts Senior Exhibition


2015-2017     Summer Art Program Assistant, Woodlynde School, Strafford, PA
2014                Art Intern, Mermaid Art Studio, Ambler, PA


2017    Center For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)- Internship

2018    Summer Fellowship with Denise Philipbar,  Philadelphia

2018     James Oliver Gallery (JOG) - Internship


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